A trade mark is a sign used by a person or corporation in the course of business or trade to distinguish goods or services from those of other traders. Registering a trade mark gives the owner rights to enable him to control the use of the mark and take legal action if necessary.

A registered trade mark has to be capable of being represented globally. This sign can be any letter, word, name, signature, numeral, device, brand, heading, label, ticket, shape, cooler, aspect of packaging or a combination of these.

We provide a complete range of trade mark services including trade mark searches, filing, prosecution, registration and opposition, as well as trade mark portfolio management. We can help you register a trademark in Bangladesh. In particular, our ranges of trademark services are:


»  Trademark Searches
»  Trademark Application Filing
»  Provisional refusals response and handling
» Responses to Office Action
» Appearing with TM Office for Hearing
» Timely follow-ups with TM Office

»  Renewals & Maintenance
»  Trademarks Watch Services
»  Portfolio Management
»  Assignment Recordation
» Licensing Recordation

» Oppositions
» Cancellations OR Rectifications
» Infringement and Passing off actions

We have many years of experience in helping clients protect their valuable brands in Bangladesh.