A patent is an exclusive right that protects your invention and prevents others from making, using or selling it without your consent and permission. Patent is a product or a process that provides, in particular, a way of doing something new and creative, or offers a new technical solution to a specific problem.

Our firm advises local and foreign inventors or owners of inventions through drafting, filing with the Patent Office and prosecuting patent applications on their behalf. Our team of patent professionals have the necessary technical, legal and linguistic skills to secure and enhance the commercial value of patent protection for inventions in diverse fields of technology and business endeavor.

How we can help:

» Patent search: Prior Art, Novelty, Equivalent searches
» Patent Application Filing: Conventional and Non-conventional
» Patent Application Prosecution till granting of patent
» Recordation of Assignment and Licensing
» Patent Annuity
» Amendment of Patent
» Recordation of Change of Name/Address