Providing clear, practical and experienced services to help protect, enforce and defend your intellectual property rights in Bangladesh

Practice Areas


Our services in the field of trademark involves Trademark Search, Trademark Registration, and Trademark Renewal.


We guide clients through the process of Patent Registration, such as Patent Search, Patent Drafting, etc.


Registering your Industrial Design is important, our experts will help you through the process.


Our Copyright Services will help you to get the paperwork such as certificates, to make the ownership of your idea is more legit in the sight of law.

GRAM IP is a boutique IP law firm in Bangladesh covering IP matters such as trademarks, patents, designs, copyrights and many more.

GRAM IP is one of the few boutique IP law firms in Bangladesh that is highly regarded for its robust knowledge and extensive experience in intellectual property matters.

Our experienced IP lawyers, professionals are adamant at helping our clients maximise the value of their IP rights with respect to commercialisation and commercial exploitation.

We help clients of all ranges, from individuals to big corporation. We provide solutions and right consultation in sense of protecting your Intellectual Property Rights.